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Stock GT Grill. It had an overlay on it at one point so it has 8 tiny holes no larger than a toothpick in the upper corners. When the grill is on the car you can not even see them

Stock Lower Grill. I had dremmeled the first row of the honeycomb out to increase airflow over the Heat Exchanger for my SC.

Stock Non IUP Dash Components - Instrument cluster Bezel, Center Vents(modified for 2 2-1/16" Gauges), Airbag cover, and Passenger side vent. I had overlays on them so there is a bit of the residue left on them but nothing some goo gone cant take care of

Passenger Side Headlight
Stock Shocks
Stock Struts
Stock Front Springs
Stock Headrests - Dark Charcoal
Stock Strut Caps, Never gave me any clunks
Stock Mufflers
Stock Windshield Wiper Fluid Bottle
Stock A-Arms
Stock Radiator Support/Swaybar mount
Stock Power Steering Pulley
Stock CMRC Plates with Motor
Stock Panhard Bar
2 Stock Pierelli's with only 5000 or so miles on them
2 sets of stock Headlamp Bulbs
1 Set of stock Fog light bulbs
4 Lug nut caps for the Upgraded rims from 05
Stock GT wing, Black with silver stripes
Stock Driver's Side A-Pillar, Dark Charcoal

Please make offers

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