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Another Modular Shootout event has come and gone. The 2003 event produced our best year ever in its 5 years of existence. The 2003 event started off with a bang with a very successful car cruise on Friday. Our heads up Modular Classes exploded in participation with very competitive and impressive elapsed times. We had 28 Manufacturers in our midway, and a very successful large car show. There were over 200 racer participants, and a very decent spectator turnout on Saturday. We have tremendous video footage to make this years highlight video more exciting than ever. This success came in a year when most race organizations have faired poorly. One race series organization even had to file for reorganization to finish out the year.

Search the Internet, you wont find a bad comment about this years Modular Shootout. This was a very important goal for us to achieve. We were very determined to make every racer and car show participant feel important. We feel we met that obligation. It’s also great to see all the positive feedback sent to us directly or via message boards.

The market and demand for another event is there. However, it takes a lot of money to make a race a reality. At the moment we do not have a commitment for a Title Sponsor. The majority of event expenses must be paid up front. The Modular Shootout makes 85% of its revenue at or after the race. We have to have a Title Sponsor commitment before we go any further. We have to have a Title sponsor commitment before we go to the trade shows and print sponsor proposals. We would also like to find an investor interested in purchasing a portion of the rights to the event. Our goal would be for someone to come in and share 50% ownership. Any mixture of the above options can make this work.

These conditions “MUST” be met to have a 2004 Modular Shootout. We will do our best to meet these conditions. “If” we have a 2004 race, we will take a different approach to marketing. People think this is “Dave Kings Modular Shootout”. This perception gives many racers the idea that we are Modular only. For 2004 we would need to change our name. Something like “The 2004 Ford Pushrod versus Mod Motor War.” It would still be the Modular Shootout program, and we would still have our classic 2 and 4 valve classes. Maybe we can have a Mustang/GN format where the top 10 race cars, and street cars of each style car qualify and square off against each other. We need something that will allow us to bring in more all Ford vehicles and spectators. The event would definitely stay at National Trails in Columbus.

If there are any interested parties in sponsorship or part ownership, please contact us directly. If you’re a company that wants to be involved in the 2004 Shootout outside of Title sponsorship please let us know as well. Together, these issues will all help decide our future.

We’ll let everyone know where things stand no later than November 1st.

Thanks everyone

Dave King
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