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1965 SPF 427 Cobra, & 2022 BMW M850
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I thought I would put this here rather than in the BAR or the General forum because you guys are the ones deepest into the Cobra technology and I think might most appreciate this.

The Cobras today are direct decendents (well sort of) of those original roadsters and Datona Coupe that set the racing world on their butt so many decades ago in the sixties. Yeah I know some of you weren't even born yet but the story is so extraordinary you can't learn of it without being taken back.

A company in England, Spirit Level Films, has put together a two DVD set with interviews of all the surviving men who were involved in the effort. It is a story about a chicken farmer with a heart condition who loved to race and took a 20 year old (at the time) British chassied sports car installed a light weight Ford engine from a Canadian pick up truck and set the racing world on its collective ear beating Ferrari at their own game and winning the World Manufacturers Championship for the first time for the US and Ford.

Rather than go on and on about it I encourage you to go to Spirit's website click here => and get one before they are gone. This thing is not just extraordinary it is destined to become a collectible, I'll give you dollars to donuts! I guarantee you will sit down to watch and it will mesmerize you. These are not actors they are the real people who actually did the deed.

It is a great peek back into history to see the very beginnings of The Cobra.


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