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Well guys I just installed the Bassani catted x-pipe to my already existing Borla Stinger from Amazon Racing. I have a few thoughts, #1. IT'S LOUD #2. it kind of got "blatty" sounding, don't know if I like it yet. #3. SOTP tells me, little, if anything gained.

I have to wait for the next dyno session in September to see if anything can be done with this to improve my numbers. I know it's freer flowing, don't know if that's a good or bad thing right now.

The fit and finish are superb, and the install was simple. The clamps are great, just like the Borla stuff, which I like. The system also came with extra pipes so I can eliminate the cats, they would just slip right off and the pipes sans cats would slip right in. I highly doubt I will ever do that, maybe at the track, but that's it.

Feel free to ask any questions or add comments.Thanks.

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