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The URL: Thruport R5 Website
The Playing Field: 500 Miles
The Playing Piece: Your Vehicle
The Price: $145 ! ! !(Price includes hotel and afterparty for driver & navigator)

Crossroad Auto & Race Enthusiasts is proud to be the Official Sponsor of the R5 Road Rallye. The R5 will be a 500 Mile time-speed-distance rallye. Speeding is not required because it does not get you any closer to the "target time" established in advance by the Routemeister by pre-running the course in a variety of cars and conditions. The organizers strongly discourage speeding or other infractions (just like in the Gumball) but nobody can stop you (other than police.)

For example, if there are 10 miles of twisty roads marked for 45mph in front of you, and the rally instruction says "You have 22 minutes and 30 seconds to get to the next check point 10.0 miles ahead" you can either obey the speed limit and still get there in plenty of time, or haul ass in the twisties and get to the checkpoint way early... it's up to each team, but speeding does not give any better chance of winning and a fast car does NOT necessarily mean a better chance to win the R5.

As for navigator duties, here's all you need:

1) accurate speedometer & odometer
2) clipboard
3) pen or pencil
4) calculator
5) stopwatch
6) good eyesight

The math is easy if you understand the concepts (60mph = 88 feet per second or 1/4 of a mile in 15 seconds, etc.) A lot of the route will be easy ("go 4.5 miles at the speed limit and turn west onto a 4-lane road") while some of it could be more challenging ("go 23760 feet in 360 seconds and turn west after the bent telephone pole"). Go to the site and check out some of the cars/bikes already registered!


Or call 804-931-2096 for more details
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