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Total in depth TFS Mod Motor head test

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Guys - David Vizard here. I have just posted a TFS mod motor flow bench test and I think it's about the most in deth and informative ever posted on Youtube. You can find it at PowerTec 10 Episode 87 or

Would like comments from those of you with experience with 2 valve motors please.
David Vizard
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For those of you who (unbelievably) might not know who David Vizard is, he has been a long-standing (as in more than half a lifetime) source of invaluable race engine research, development, and modification. His air flow work is stunningly impressive, and his SA Books have been the source of untold good practice and performance mods forever. This video he has posted is filled with insightful observations, analysis, and recommendations. It and his other works are well worth your time to explore.

BTW David has consulted for the best minds and teams that F-1 has, including world-renowned engine companies like Cosworth. He has 40 some odd patents to his name ranging from fuels to F-1 cylinder heads. In addition, he has authored and published 32 books at the last count and produced nearly 4,000 major feature articles while running well over 500,000 dyno tests in the process of doing his R&D work.

The man is impressive in the extreme!
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Just as it was getting interesting I'm gonna have to finish it tomorrow..time for bed...!(y)

I'm confused. Been a long time subscriber of the David Vizard Performance channel on You Tube. So I naturally went to that channel to find this thread's content but . . . no joy! So after some drilling around I found none other than the David Vizard channel. Huh? . . . why two channels?
Welcome back KIrk 👍.

I ran into the same thing and didn't understand the reasoning either. I suspect it was a whoops as they were setting up their channel. If you click on the link in the post it should take you directly to the channel and the vid.

You should take a little time and bring us up to date on the salt car.
ED, how do I send you a PM? I can't find a link to do that.
Go to your user name icon near the top right of the screen, Kirk. It will be the yellow circle in the pic below. Click on the icon and select 'Conversations' from the pop down menu and you should be good to go.
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