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currently i have 17x9 03 cobras on my 89 gt vert w/ sn95 spindles 13" cobra brake setup, last year i had bilsteins shocks/struts with 250# spring rate up front upr coil overs, launching at ~6-8# when i shifted into 3rd and 4th the ass end would get a lil loose mid track, get outta it and get back in it, managed 11.1 @ 123mph with it, car is 347 t-76 hp kit at 11# making 600RWHP AND 611RWTQ @ 3200 rpm

since then i have swapped to a 175# spring rate up front and strange adjustables all around, airbag in rear right coil,

since i have the cobra brakes have to run a 1 1/16" or so spacer to clear the calipers, this makes my prostar 15x3.5" with 1.75" bs stick out from the fender ~1/4-1/2", just wondering if i am going to come down hard enough to hit the tire and cut it up on the track???

will me running skinnies up front help out with the ass swaying around any down the track??

some people have said that pushing a 9" wheel up front is not only dangerous but makes the car unstable?? ive been 126mph on DRs and didnt see that just on the slicks at 11#s in each tire

any reason for safety that i should be running the skinnies??

the other option to not run a big spacer is to swap back to fox spindles and buy some aerospace pro street kit (still a street car) but some say that they still have to run a 1/2" spacer and sticks out a lil bit

i know i will reduce at least another 100#s up front if i swap brakes and skinnies which is a plus

trying to make the correct decision here and for the future of the car which should run 9s or high 8s with more boost/fuel

thanks in advance
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