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I have a question about transmission OSS out puts. I have swapped a 05 mustang engine into a truck using Ron Francis manual trans wire harness. I have a manual trans out of a 98 F150 bolted behind it. The f150 Trans has a OSS sensor on the tail shaft. It shares the same plug as the one on the Ron Francis wire harness. Which then i can assume is the same as a mustangs manual trans sensor.

As far as i know all these sensors work along the same lines. From what i have found out the mustangs sensor has no moving parts just your run of the mill hall effect sensor. The f150 trans uses the gear style sensor but it is still a hall effect.

So my problem is in my software i am not seeing a speed sensor input. Non of the data logging shows that the truck is moving.

What i have done is tested the sensor its self and found that it does put out an AC signal. I have also unplugged the trans harness plug, at the computer, set the meter up on pin 3 and pin 41. And read a signal when i rotate the tires. I am getting a signal to the computer.

So i don't know if this signal is way out of wack and the computer is just ignoring it? or is it is the wrong signal?

What this means is a little more pain in the tuning and i may not be able to get my speedometer to work.
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