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Trickflow 2v Heads & MHS 2.5 Blower Cams

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TFS 38cc 2v Heads with 3 miles, and a few hours of idle time. Friend bought brand new set of 44cc heads, ran into some financial issues and lost interest in car, traded heads to another buddy for these 38cc heads (he bought these 38cc heads new, and after getting the car going, decided his compression was going to be too high for the big boost setup he is going to run now). One head is dirtier from it running rich while idling and doing a little motor break in (I think it had an o2 unplugged on one side, not 100% sure, I scratched part of it off on one of the valves with my fingernail, so it's not caked on bad). Includes original literature and some Clevite assembley lube.

Also includes a BRAND NEW SET of Trick Flow Lash Adjusters (these were $140 from summit, have original receipt), and a used set of followers (if needed).

They are still basically new, about as new as it gets for used heads, and the lash adjusters are still brand new! $1850 SHIPPED for heads & lash adjusters

Modular Head Shop Stage 2.5 Blower/Nitrous Cams & New ARP Cam Bolts, they were installed in the 44cc set of heads, but were NEVER RUN. Specs are
231/238 550/540 110/118 114.

These are TFS Specific cams from Nick McKinney, but can be used in a PI head as well, with a flycut piston if on stock bottom end. He recommends a spring upgrade on TFS Heads if running these and some decent boost at over 6500 rpms. Have cam cards, receipt, and original boxes. Over $600 worth of cams and bolts, sell for $525 SHIPPED


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