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i have replaced spark plugs, wires, and coil packs. at the same time i installed a bbk 65mm throttle body and jlt intake. my car is still missing. before i installed these parts the miss would go away once the car was warmed up. wich was probably the air intake temp. sensor. but now things are worse and my check engine light has started to blink!!

obd2 scan showed:

cylinder misfire detected - cylinder number 1

evap canister purge valve mechanical fault or VMV fault condition

intake air temp (iat) sensor circuit high input - **replaced after i ran obd2 scan**

it also threw a bunch of o2 sensor codes but i dont have cats so that all makes sense.

i have check rechecked and checked again the firing order. i also already pulled the spark plug out of cylinder one and replaced it. still missing.
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