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Hi there

I am looking for a set of tyres as I've finally got myself a set of 18" wheels, nice and lightweight.

At the moment looking at the following:-
Goodyear F1 Assymetric
Vredstein Ultrac Sessanta
Toyo T1-R

All in 275/35/18 size and all similar in price, so anyone used the above, got any feedback on how they performed in dry/wet conditions?
I can also get the Toyo T1-R in 275/40/18 size as well.

As such was wonderin whats the advantages/disadvantages of running 275/35/18 vs 275/40/18 all round?

P.S. The car is for corner carving etc. so handling big priority.

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I loved the Goodyear F1 GS-D3's. They are Amazing in the wet and performed well for me in the dry as well. Just don't drive them when it is below 40 out, they get a little bit like driving on hockey pucks. You can get them in 275/35/18 or 275/40/18 as well. The 275/35 is going to have a shorter sidewall and less height overall. I'd run the 275/40 personally.
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