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I took the following directly from Kenne Bell's web site


'99-'01 Cobra 4.6L 4V

I feel we owe everyone an explanation as to why we've delayed the '99-'01 Cobra 4V kit. We had every intention of doing the kit in '99, but we couldn't make it fit under the stock hood. Ford had changed the intake manifold which presented a much more serious problem for us than the centrifugals which merely blow into a fixed position throttle body. We mount the supercharger on top of the engine and replace the intake, so hood clearance is always a problem. Then, Ford had the HP problem and rumor was the heads and intake might again be changed. So, we waited - and the kit was delayed. Then Ford cancelled Cobra production and again a delay. It was always our goal - and it still is - to do the '99-'01 engines with one kit - and only one kit. In the meantime, Ford introduced the supercharged Cobra and we had already began working on the Lightning, the 4.6 '96-'03 2V, 4.6 Explorer, Focus and '03 Expedition. That's a lot of Ford commitment and all had more potential sales to us than the '99-'01 Cobra. That is to say nothing of the non-Ford kits we're working on - the Mazda Miata, Jeep 4.0, PT Cruiser, GM 8.1, 6.0, 5.3 and 4.8 and Dodge Hemi. The reason I mention these non-Ford kits is to illustrate it is not a "do we do the '99 Cobra or not" decision. We very much want to do the '99 Cobra, but it is not our only priority. And yes, it has unfortunately been put off again. Our easiest solution is to do the kit with a fiberglass pinned hood. This kit is already designed but our designers have experienced far too many problems with '94 up hoods that aren't hood pinned. I can only apologize for the ongoing delays. And I can hardly blame '99-'01 owners for being upset and frustrated at our delays.



If you dont beleve it you can check it out here

So how much does that suck? How hard would it be to KB to make a lower profile blower a new "Open House" manifold that is a inch or so shorter, for #@*&$ sake! Or at the very least release the kit and let the end user deal with the clearance problem! A lot of people have R hoods and getting a 03 Cobra hood would be easy too. Hell I bet if you remove the hood blankie it would probably fit. There is quite a bit of clearance with that hood once the heat blanket is gone. Regardless WEAK KB!

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