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You are looking at a USED OEM Ford mass air flow (MAF) meter or sensor and housing from a 1998 Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6-liter single overhead cam (SOHC) engine. This MAF attaches near the front passenger side of the engine between the air filter and the air intake tube to the throttle body. Any MAF reads the air flow coming into the engine, and sends this data to the engine or powertrain control module so that fuel can be metered accordingly. This is a complete assembly, ready to bolt on to any compatible Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle and go. The meter itself carries OEM Ford part #F8LF-12B579-AA. The accompanying aluminum housing does not appear to have a visisble part number, but it does carry a date of manufacture stamping from October of 1997.

This MAF and housing came stock on my 1998 Ford Mustang GT coupe with the 4.6L SOHC engine. Over the time I owned the vehicle, it was attached to a cold air intake setup. The car was parted out at about 160,000 miles. Therefore, I have no use for this, and offer it up here.

To the best of my knowledge, this MAF and housing is compatible with selected sub-models of the following 1995-2004 vehicles:

Ford Crown Victoria
Ford E-150
Ford E-250
Ford E-350
Ford E-450
Ford Econoline
Ford Econoline Super Duty
Ford Expedition
Ford F-150
Ford F-250
Ford F-350
Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus
Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Mark VIII
Lincoln Navigator
Mercury Grand Marquis
Mercury Sable

Please check with your local Ford dealer or other reliable source - or check the part number on your existing MAF - to verify compatibility and fitment. This may fit other years and models as well.

The MAF and housing are in good condition cosmetically, and excellent condition functionally, as you would expect from parts that have been gently used for 160,000 miles. The engine ran flawlessly when the car was parted out. There are no cracks or breaks in the aluminum housing, though there are a few notable scratches, and some areas of light corrosion and/or road grime. All four bolt holes for the air filter housing are intact. There is some RTV sealant residue on the bolt flange from where I sealed the housing to a cold air intake system. There are no cracks or breaks in the plastic of the sensor itself. The clip tabs for the electrical connector are in good shape. The blades of the electrical connector (four in total) are all still shiny. The security Torx screws have been removed and replaced several times, as I cleaned the fine wires of the MAF with the appropriate MAF cleaner. Both wires are intact and reasonable clean, as is the rest of the inside of the housing. The entire assembly may have just a little bit of residual dust and dirt from normal use and storage. If shipping is involved, the unit will be double-boxed to protect the fine wires.

$30 local pickup in State College, PA, $40 shipped anywhere in the US, or best reasonable offer. International shipping available for an additional charge depending on destination.

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