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V1 S Trim + Goodies

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Just like the title says... This is a used vortech V1 S-trim... It makes the same power as the V2's and all of that... but it alot louder. Also This comes with a Anderson Boost a pipe, Brand new Ford Racing 42 Lbs Injectors, G.I. Joe 8 Rib Pulley Kit /w 3 belts , Brand new Vortech 03.33 Pulley (i believe), and a 90 MM MAF. All you would need to get this going is the fuel pump, new oil feed line for blower, plugs and a tune. Looking for $2500 + shipping or best offer
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This of course is for a SOHC 2V 99-04 GT style bracket setup... Also looked at another price $2200 + shipping OBO
Bump for having to work on the weekend
Rain Day.... Bumpp
im assuming all thats needed for this to work on a Mach is a different bracket? or will that one work?
I assume thats a pretty safe assumption, other than maybe different intake tube, because different throttle bodies correct?
would you sell the 8 rib kit seperately??
would you sell the 8 rib kit seperately??
Yes i would if someone wanted to buy the blower and not want it, lol
damn im looking for a 8 rib kit for my v1... well if anything changes let me know.
Bump.... People interested... Lookingfor the first one to commit
Well Everyone who has been interested has backed out for whatever reasons.... Need to sell this so i can get the body and paint fixxed.... New Price $2200 + Shipping OBO
Also interested in the 8 rib kit if the price is right.
$2200+ Shipping!!!! Also adding Used 03 Cobra Fuel Tank (everything included)
where in Michigan are you located,
I'm going to be out there at the end of the month, if you still had this I'd be interested.
I wouldn't be interested in the 8 rib setup though.
how much could you knock off without that
Update $2000 OBO will sell 8 rib kit seperate send me a offer
Cant believe this is still around! Had a V-2 on my car and loved it.....
Maybe if you wanna entertain offers, you could email me at [email protected]...
Im interested in JUST the head unit....let me know if your willing to sell seperately.
anyone who wants me to part stuff send me a offer
pm sent.
Pm also sent
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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