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WAP Block??

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I am in the process of beefing up my rearend, replacing my trans, and strengthening up the engine for a p1sc procharger. I hoping to get 450-475rwhp on pump gas to I'm trying to cover all my bases and make sure everything will stand up to the added power. I swapping the tr3650 out for a t56 and I'm still unsure of what I will do with the bottom end. The stock block has 27k on the clock right now and I was considering having the cylinders honed and add forged pistons and rods and drop the compression down to 9:1. The only concern I have is will the WAP block with 27k stand up to this much power if the pistons and rods are forged and the compression is dropped or should I just order the ford racing shortblock for supercharged appilcations brand new?? Again I'm not wanting an all out drag car just something that has plenty of power to own the streets and run on pump gas (91 octane) and this car is not my daily driver. Thanks in advance for your help!
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i think only 27.000 is a new engine the wap is more than enough for you stated goals and a centri blower will want to keep compression at around 10-1 im in the middle of a engine build so ask away any questions you have mullet99
I've been running a P1sc for 4 years now on the stock bottom end. My Mach dynoed at 465 RWHP & 437 TORQ, My engine has 71,000 miles on it now and still no issues. I take it to the track a couple of times a year. I've built my rear end with 31 splines, and replaced my tranny with a T56 Magnum. Ive done some suspension work and will worry about the engine internals if anything lets go. Really the stock bottom end will hold up well with a good safe tune. I don't baby it at the track, check out a couple of my runs......

I've kicked around the idea of running it on the stock bottom but I've started leaning more towards getting forged pistons/rods (keeping the forged crank that came with my Mach, since its a 5 spd) just to avoid any headaches down the road. The more I research the more I see that plenty of people are sticking with the stock bottom end and just using a conservative tune but I do like the added assurance of the forged internals. What size pulley are you guys using and how many degrees of timing?
YOu dont need to worry about you WAP block at all. Run it.
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