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Wednesday Aug 19th Pacific Raceways, 31001 144th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042

This course is designed to improve your street survival driving skills and advanced car control techniques while exposing you to the thrill and excitement of high performance driving. This sport is one of the fastest growing recreations in our nation for both men and women. The curriculum is the starting point to becoming a ProFormance driver.

The day starts out with a 90 minute classroom session followed by exercise in advanced car control and street survival skills. An in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics, skid control, and brake application is established.
The afternoon is a total driving experience on the road course utilizing all of the skills and techniques acquired in the morning sessions. Always accompanied by a qualified instructor, participants develop a more proactive driving relationship with their car. Our goal is to teach you to think faster than you drive.
The use of your personal car is recommended for skill and relationship development however school cars are available.

The cost of this event is broken down like this:

No experience : $535.00* One day High Performance school
Minimal Experience: $385.00 (includes 50 mins with instructor and all the lapping you can handle).
Experienced Drivers: $260.00 if you have experience and don't need the class.**

If you are paying with a check you can send $100. Payable to: Brad's Custom Auto

Brad's Custom Auto
Attn: Stangnation Hot Laps
12719 28th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM (attached below).;attach=3776
If you want to pay your deposit with a credit card please call the shop at
206-367-1471. You can also stop by the shop if you prefer.

Your $100 deposit reserves your spot. Your name will be posted on a list in this thread as you register.
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