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I like to say whats up to all you guys. You guys are just plain out crazy with the dyno numbers and plans. I love it.
Now, my kenne bell plans shattered when I got in an auto accident earlier this year. It was just a fender bender but i mean it delayed my plans. My input shaft broke as well but good thing the insurance covered it as part of the accident. And while my car was getting the new tranny my entire stereo system got stolen at the dealership due to then not locking the cars at night. So right now I'm in the balance of a perhaps a big lawsuit or a clean replacement. I've put my seats for sale and my old wheels and getting new Sparcos and I have my 19s on my bedroom floor so my car looks have been the focus. But now the time has come and the kenne bell looks like its coming around the corner so it looks like i need you guys to answer some questions.

1. Where do I get these 55 # injectors from?
2. Has anybody just used 8 pounds of boost to cruise around in? I know the autologic chip can be programmed for 4 different programs so I was wondering if anyone has tried 8 pounds on the KB. I was thinking I should have one program for 8 pounds for those days I go to work and don't need the extra power. 16 pounds for the street race nights and 20 with 100 octane for those drag days.
3. Who is using the bottle with the KB?

thanks guys for taking the time to listen to my story.
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