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Looking to get the max rwhp and torque for the 03 while keeping it reliable. I will not be going to the track. I just want a monster for the street. Keep in mind I'm just looking for boltons. Nothing internal and also would like to keep the Eaton blower.

So what kinda a packages do you offer? I want as much boost as possible while keeping it safe. As a business I understand you don't want to give all your secrets away, but if you can give me a price on the combo I'm looking for will be appreciated. You don't have to go into specifics such as part numbers. Also with the certain package you recommend for my needs, if you can let me know what kinda numbers I' "should" be seeing. Such as rwhp, torque, and boost.

These are parts I know I'll be getting...

Longtube headers
Cold air intake

Which brands do you sell and what would you recommend? As for pulleys I have no idea what to get. I just know I want as much boost as possible while being safe.

Anything else you'd add on to my parts list?

Anyways thanks in advance. I was told you were the best place for mods on the 03. I'm not a shopper and if I feel your prices are fair and you have excellent service and knowledge, you'll be getting all my business.

Thanks again, Ray
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