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I just put NGK TR6s in the Cobra since I am running a small shot of nitrous. I put the plugs in, then 2 days later pulled them to change the gap from .040 to .036, since i was getting a little miss. The plugs were chalk white!!?? Usually this indicates a lean condition, however last time my car was dynoed, I was at 11.1 right accross the board. I know the chip is working since my shift light doesn't come on, and she is still running very hard. Needless to say, I haven't hit nitrous since changing plugs. The plugs I had in there before, Denso Iridium IT22s, were a nice brown color, perfect, so why are these NGK TR6s turning white? The only explanation I can come up with is the toulene that I am running to boost the octane rating. Would this turn my plugs white?
More info on toulene
Does anyone else run this stuff? I feel a great difference, and it runs cleaner with the toulene, I'm just wondering if the metal in the plugs doesnt like it...

(Also posted on solly for the double post but since they seem to ban most of the most knowlegable people...)
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