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It would be run in southern virginia/North Carolina with my King of the Streets series.

The class will be similar to this. I am not sure of payouts yet but just looking at adding another heads up class to the line up. Post up suggestions and whether or not you would be interested in running it at some of our events. Rules would not be exactly like this but very close.

Class Guidelines


AIR FILTER: All air entering carburetor or throttle body must pass through an automotive type air filter (K&N type Air Filters are permitted & suggested)

BODY: The car must retain it's original appearance and profiles.

BRACKET RACING AIDS: The use of bracket racing aids such as optical sensors, delay boxes, stutter boxes, and throttle stops are prohibited.


FIREWALL: Must retain factory unaltered firewall, in factory location. A cosmetic overlay is permitted.

INTERIOR / SEATS: Covered door panels, carpet and factory dashboard is required. Aftermarket front seats that have upholstery or covered are permitted. Factory rear seats can be deleted with carpet overlay.

LETTERING / DECALS: Car lettering is limited to windows only. Right Lower corner of Windshield is reserved for Class Sponsor (K&N Filters) and Left Lower for Series Sponsor (Chassisworks) A PSCA Oval decal must be placed on each side of every car in a visible location before entering the tech area..

RADIATOR: An automotive-type radiator is required.

STARTING LINE: Street Challenge will be utilizing a 4/10th's Pro Tree Starting System

TRACTION CONTROL: Not Permitted & Strictly Prohibited


FRAME & CHASSIS: Stock front frame rails must be retained, rear frame rails may be notched (Not Moved) for tire clearance

FRONT SUSPENSION: Suspension components must all remain in stock locations. Direct bolt-on A-arms are
permitted. Tubular K-members that are a direct bolt on are permitted. Vehicle must retain factory shock system (Struts or relocated shocks are permitted only if one of the approved front end kits listed below are installed with no modifications from the aftermarket specs..) Sway bars may be removed. These Aftermarket Bolt-on Front Ends are legal; Chris Alston's No-Fab, TCI, AJE or Smith Racecraft Front Suspension kits for Chevy II, Early Camaro's & Nova's are legal. Since there are many new and improved kits on the market, Please call for prior approval of whatever kit you choose to run.

K-MEMBER: Aftermarket replacement bolt on K-Members are permitted.

REAR SUSPENSION: All cars must retain stock rear suspension. Bolt on traction devices are permitted. Leaf spring relocation kits permitted for tire clearance only. No rear coil-over conversions permitted. Mini-tubs or modifications to the factory wheel tubs is permitted. Factory sway bar may be removed.

WHEEL BASE: Must retain stock wheel base with a maximum variation right to left and front to back of one inch.

WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars prohibited


ALL WHEEL DRIVE: Not permitted.


ENGINE MOUNT LOCATION: Engine must remain in stock location...Engine mounts may be solid.

EXHAUST: Production type mufflers are required (no exceptions) No collector inserts permitted. Modification or removal of muffler internals is prohibited (no gutting).

FUEL / FUEL SYSTEMS: The PSCA reserves the right to check fuel at any time. Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. Fuel Cells OK. Mechanical and electric fuel pumps, pressure regulators, and any line size are allowed


REAR END: Factory type rear end only. Housing may be shortened up to 3" from Factory Specifications. No IRS conversions to solid axles.


SINGLE POWER ADDER ONLY: Any single type power adder is legal. You can have as many nitrous systems (but not in combination with blower or turbo) You can have twin turbochargers (but cannot add a nitrous system in conjunction)


HEADLIGHTS & TAILLIGHT: All entries are required to have working headlights and tail light (headlights doors must be fixed open or work manually or automatically on cars so equipped). Brake lights, turn signals are not required.

TIRES: Front tires must be DOT Approved and have a minimum tread width of 4.5 inches. Rear tires must be a true "off the shelf" radial tire with a minimum tread rating of "180". Tire size is based off a P255/60 R15. 16-18in "off the shelf" radials permitted but cannot exceed the following dimensions: 10.25" section width, 8.2" tread width, 27.0" overall diameter. The tread of these tires must not protrude outside the body line at the top of the tire. If your car came from the factory with a tread rating lower than 180, bring factory info on the tires with proof tires came with vehicle.
NO DRAG RADIALS, ROAD RACE, RE-CAPS, SNOW TIRES PERMITTED, ALSO, no adding in any manner of chemicals (Track-Bite, etc...) or "Soaking" to soften the tire rubber is allowed and will result in an immediate disqualification...
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