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Will these Springs work??

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Ive replaced every suspension component on my 1986 5.0 GT except for the Springs. I have'nt really upgraded the components, just replaced with the OEM stuff. Anyways, I'm taking the Stock Springs off my 1996 Cobra, and was wondering if it was a good idea/ worth it to swap them into my Fox. Would using the Springs from the Cobra cause any issues? How much would it drop etc... Thanks for the help in advance. IF its not worth it, could always just sell them to Copmagnet :)
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i believe those springs would be to stiff and actually cause it to sit higher in the front than in the back. do you want to lower it at all? late model restoration has sve springs that lower car about 1.5 inches and dont change the spring rate to much over stock. i have them on my 88 gt and love the height and ride quality
I wanted to go a bit lower, but not so low that I need cc/bumpsteer. Maybe 1-1.5 overall. But upon removal from my Cobra, I realized that it already was lowered. Not sure if if the springs are cut, or a kit, im going to do a closer inspect tonight.
i know a lot of people have good luck with the h&r super sport springs. ford racing motorsports also. but inspecting and figuring it out would be a good idea haha
Yeah I put the H&R SS's on the Cobra expecting a big difference in ride-height. Having never been able to compare ride heights with a stock sn95 Cobra I had no idea that the car was previously lowered. I think these springs would give the 86' a good stance though, i've got an 89LX 5.0 with FRPP "B" springs in it and sits very nice.
how do you like those H&R on the cobra? i was thinking about putting them on my 97 cobra but it rides so nice stock i dont want to change it
Its a quality set, I would recommend them. I paired it up with new Tokico HP shocks/struts, and KYB quads. To finish the front I used Steeda 3bolt cc's, Steeda bumpsteer, and X2 balljoints (mine were shot). The car has 165,000miles on the body and all of the suspension equipment was stock/worn. Its a completely different car now. I opted to use the polyurethane spring iso's from AmericanMuscle, and I hear that the polyurethane makes the car sit higher that it would with rubber isolaters (about .25'). Personally I like the stance though.
mines got less than 50,000 miles so ill just do springs haha maybe adjustable shocks and struts from kyb, do you have a pic of the stance?
I'm actually kind of dumbfounded right now, I dont have one with the current front end settup. I do have a couple from when we finished up on the back though, showing the new components etc. Would you like me to attempt to email them to you?
So even with my infinite wisdom and technical savvy.... I could'nt figure out how to e-mail you the pictures. I updated the car in my "garage" with pictures of the car after the suspension settup. If you have any probs viewing them let me know, and i'll think of some other ingenius way haha
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