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Greetings All,
I’ve done a lot of searching for winter tires that fit. I even searched for a set of tires for the 16X10 rims I have. What I found was some tires that will work on the stock 17X9 rims that come stock. I went through Tire Rack to get them. They seemed to have the best price when you factor in shipping and warranty. It took 13 days to get here . We have no snow yet here in NJ, but we have the temps for it. I went with
HTR A/S P03 - SIZE: 275/40R17
Ultra High Performance All-Season.

Like I said no snow yet. The reviews were the best for the tires that fit the car. They showed promise in the rain too. I haven’t been off a drag radial since like 2010 or 11. I just took Toyo Proxes TQs off the rear. They were 315/35/17 on a 10.5 rim and well worn! The Sumitomo performed better than them in their worn state on dry roads both tires with no heat in them for reference. You get some road noise, but the tires feels great!

Be safe out there,

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