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WTB: 03 Cobras, Deep Dish R's, or SC's

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Looking for a set of machined 03-04 Cobra Wheels w/ Tires, prefer drag radials on the rear, but can deal with street tires possibly. OEM ONLY!

Or a set of deep dish 03 Cobras, or a set of deep dish Cobra R's, or a set of Chrome, or Black Deep Dish SC's, or a set or possibly White 18" Saleens.

I am in NW Fl, 32571, will meetup within 300 miles for the right deal.

I also have a set of 17x8 ROH Snypers w/ 275/45/17 Nitto 555 Street Tires on the front with good tread, but have dryrot on the outside of tread from sitting, with 245/45/17 Nitto Drag Radials on the rear, in good shape. The wheels have some fading of the clear coat, nothing peeling, could use a good polish, one has some curb rash, the other 3 are decent. I will trade these plus cash as well.
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I don't know if its what you;re looking for but i have some factory 99 cobra rims im letting go cheap and im in Jacksonville
I really hate those wheels lol, how cheap and do they have tires?
they have tires but only 2 of them are good, ive had them for sale for a while at 250 but if you want them i'll go 200 and meet you half way to deliver
Interested in a set of the 03 anniversary wheels?
Only if they are cheap, Im not really a fan of those wheels.
I have a set of 03 Cobra factory's with street tires. I'll be in the Orlando area some time in the next few weeks to get tuned at VMP. Not sure how I'd get them there though. I guess I could pull the passenger seat.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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