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im wanting to trade what i have for a 03/04 supercharged 4valve setup is real nice very expensive and should run 9's on motor on pump gas,here goes

i have brand new never fired 69 351w 4bolt main straight down not splayed sleeved all cylinders bored .30 over 418 stroker clearence with scat rods crank probe forged pistons mahle rings it makes 9-2-1 with 63cc heads probe main girdle arp main studs melling high volume oil pump moroso oil pan with matching pickup dipstick im asking $3500 for this on 4other sites

now i have the heads they are trickflow r from total engine airflow. they are set up for solid roller,they have the crower springs 1.6 scorpion roller rocker and i would like for the lifters and the cam to go along cause this is a john hamilton valvetrain so like to keep it as a combo.the cam is a intake 281 .621 lift and exhaust is 292 .635 with 114 lobe seperation nitrous cam the heads are brand new just mounted and are $2800 brand new the lifters alone are $600...asking $3500 on 4 other sights as well....

let me know what you got....thanks


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