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x275 drag radial

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Been looking at building a car for straight up drag racing if there is anyone on the board with info for motor setup and car setup please PM info or post up. Im needing a round about figure on about price of the build my guess was around 40,000.00 and i may be close or way off.
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I think a buddy of mine still wants to sell his race car, To build a different one out of a mystic he has. He is the owner of give him a call (Jordan) And you guys could talk about it. If thats what your wanting to do. Then the headache of building it is over, And the headache of being able to drive it starts.

But 40k is more on what you will spend to buy one if not more. To build one it'll be more.
Thanks for the info the car looks good in the pic you sent me. Any ideas of what he was asking? if not i will try give him a shout this week sometimes about it get more info on it.
I'm building an 89 notch. With a 32v GT55/88 and a th400. I'm at $40k now. And the engine hasn't been fired up yet. So depending on the parts you plan on using. It could be allot more.
I have a 95 mustang also have someone that will build the cage for free just buy the tubing. Im hoping for some support from a few folks but that we will half to wait and see. I did find a guy close to me with a 91 with cage , qa1 coilovers , fab9, and coilovers front and tubular k member. he is asking 8900.00 or the roller. Im keeping my options open
There are some smoking deals out there right now. I would look around before I started building one. I know there was a thread on the a couple months ago and some of the top cars could be purchased for that price tag
Thanks Holcomb for the heads up i will head over to and check it out.
Hit up yellowbullet there are some race cars on there. But becareful when buying one. Theres certs they need to pass and that you will need to have to run those times at a track. And sometimes they are on their last leg and thats why they are being sold to make another one.

If he still wants to sell it I think it was pretty reasonable its pretty much all new. The SBF motor just went back in a couple months ago.
are you looking to buy a car?? I have the 2nd fastest blown x275 car in history and its for sale.... email me with specific questions.. you'd be surprised what i'd sell it for
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